Thursday, 17 March 2011

New Designs for Japan

After hearing the horrifying news about the earthquakes and tsunami etc. about Japan, I felt so sad and strange. I walk about the city here and see everyone walking about as normal and can't help but think..what if it all got washed away and destroyed in the space of a few minutes. It feels so strange that elsewhere in our world, lives have been lost, homes have been ripped away, and land has been jolted about and destroyed....and we didn't even feel a thing. 

I was sat in my room feeling sad about the whole thing and was wishing that there was something I could do...

So I have decided to create a series of japanese inspired designs which will be available to purchase at ...

The commission I make on each of these designs will be donated to help fight the devastation caused by the disasters in Japan, so PLEASE check it out if you have any birthdays coming up or other "card-sending" occasions! Or if you just like the designs or want to help out...

Above is the first design in the series. I want to show all the beauty of Japanese culture and help rescue it from these bloody bastard disasters!! :(


Hannah said...

Aw that was lovely chlo I will be sure to do that!!

Chloe said...


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