Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Assemblage - A New Found Love!

I've recently discovered this new form of art called "assemblage"...

Basically it's all about using found objects - often discarded objects - to create unique and enchanting pieces of artwork. I first discovered this technique when visiting and exhibition called The House of Fairytales at Walsall Art Gallery. I was absolutely in love with every single piece in the exhibition which consisted of all sorts of wondrous things from small illustrations and paper sculpture, to the sculptural art that I have now learnt to be assemblage.

Here are a few photographs I took of the pieces that really intrigued me..

I absolutely love these pieces - to me they are illustrations in the form of sculpture which I think is something you don't come across everyday. I would love to develop my work to include this technique and to work with it commercially as well, as I feel it would add another dimension to the mainstream illustration/art that the mass majority is so used to seeing everyday. 

I think the reason I am feeling really creatively frustrated at the moment is I really want to be producing this sort of work, but my current project has gone down an entirely different root that I don't feel comfortable with. I know the creative industry is all about challenging yourself and pushing boundaries, but I think I've pushed it too far in the opposite direction. I seem to have gone back to a way of working that I so desperately wanted to get away from. It's time to turn it back around! 

[If you're diggin' assemblage - there's tons of cool stuff to look at and buy at www.etsy.com! And a few cool books that show you different techniques and how to use materials etc!]

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