Tuesday, 8 March 2011

...An Afterthought...

I was reflecting upon this 'ere illustration and I am actually (very surprisingly) happy with it! I  produced this in about half an hour in a random trial-and-error-moment, but in this short space of time I have produced something that has given me realisation of how I can use my new found love of assemblage art for more commercial based projects.

I think this piece looks beautiful in black and white; when I look at this, I can see hints of inspiration I have from all my favourite artists that perhaps wouldn't be so obvious to everyone else and in a way that works without having completely ripped off their work.

Perhaps I should try and bring this technique into my current animation project? Feeling confident about this approach to commercial and issue based illustration..it might even have cured my phobia of owls!

...naaaaah O_O

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