Monday, 28 March 2011

Charon: Rough Designs For Character Faces

Here are some rough designs for the faces of my characters for the story of Charon the Ferryman. These roughs are just made of salt dough coz I'm not sure about the style of character yet.... but I think this is pretty much what the final puppets will look like..

Inspiration for Charon is coming from the character of No Face from Ghibli's Spirited Away. Just waiting for them to hurry up and dry so I can start painting them! :)

I want the characters to look quite melancholy and haunting. The theme of money and wealth is the main focus of this illustration and the fact that everything in the world today seems to revolve around money somehow. And I think it's sad. I want it to be a sad, dull piece - yet intriguing and magical at the same time. Will need to get the right lighting and filters when photographing the puppets to make this happen!

Update with painted faces to follow!

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