Thursday, 1 December 2011

Magazine Editorials

Here are my two latest editorials for magazines. I am really happy with the result of these! My style has developed dramatically since doing the newspaper editorials. 

I think my work definitely works better in this context rather than newspapers. I like the way the text is more free in magazines. There is still a neat layout, but the text curves around the image and sometimes the illustration can slightly overlap other aspects of the layout.

I am really happy with how my style is developing; it's looking more professional and I'm really enjoying working in this way. Looking back over my previous work from the pas few years, I realise I've finally found a way of combining it all.

 I started out with a very graphic, flat, digital way of working; I got bored of just sitting in front of the computer all day etc. So I moved onto working in 3D but I didn't think it looked professional enough. Somehow, I've developed into this..combining my love of 3D aspects and textures and my ability to use Photoshop. After all the years of experimenting, I feel my work is finally beginning to make sense!

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