Saturday, 17 December 2011

Animation Test

Today I tried animating my paper puppet! Here is the result..

Just a very quick test to see if this media would be appropriate for the animation I have planned and just to improve my animating skills. I found the puppet really easy to animate - much easier than I think it would be to animate a puppet with wire limbs. I like the jerky movements and the method of replacing the head for different angles. I might try altering the puppet by making the limbs skinnier - a bit more like the illustrations I've recently been producing - to see if it would work as well. 

Overall I am quite please with this quick test. It has given me more confidence to actually get stuck in and produce an animation for my uni project..rather than just have the idea lingering in my head for a billion years! It's also given me a rough idea of how long it might take to produce a 2 and half minute animation (which is roughly how long I want my proper one to be)...

To produce this I took the frames on my Nikon D40 and imported them into iStopmotion. I added a filter to the video in iMovie :)


Sue said...

That's brilliant, Chloe! x

Chloe said...

Thanks Sue! Planning on doing a Little Red Riding Hood animation for my final major, so this was just an warm up experiment! :)

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