Friday, 16 December 2011

Animation using simple shadow puppet techniques

I am thinking of producing an animation for my final major project at uni, so I thought over christmas I should start doing some experiments in pre-production. This is just to experiment with my character style and use of media to see whether it would be too ambitious or not...

I decided to create a pierrot character inspired by this little guy I found in my house...

I wanted to make the animation from collage and my initial thought was to make the puppet using a simple technique often used to make shadow puppets. I created the main body of the puppet and the limbs on Photoshop, printed them out and attached them together using split pins. This of course allows me to move the puppet into different poses easily..

I want the head to have a greater range of movement, so I decided not to fasten the head to the body. Instead I have created six different heads showing different angles which I hope will add more of a sort of 3D looks to it. Obviously by using a puppet like this, it won't be the most sophisticated animation in the world, but I sort of like that simpleness of it. I can remember making puppets like this at primary school and I really like the fact it looks playful, like a child can make it. It reminds me a lot of childhood and I hope it will evoke this same feeling or memory in the viewer once it's finished!

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