Monday, 21 February 2011

Horrible Mental Block...Be Gone!

Last week was a horrible week. Not motivated, depressed, tired and generally could not be arsed to do anything towards this Oxfam project. Today is Monday though, and I decided to drag myself out of bed for uni to see if I could get anywhere with it....

After speaking to tutors, I started experimenting with "thumbnail" sketches using a handprints concept I had already come up with and tried to put them together to form a narrative, perhaps for an animation as well as a printed illustration:

I plan to take some of these small images I created to produce a short animation/animatic of how I imagine them to look if they were part of a TV advert or viral video.

This is a very different style for me, as I'm used to my work looking quite dark and scary. This project however has required me to produce a very bright, colourful piece in order to convey the positive aspect of giving to a charity.

Here are a few images I found that helped me envision what I wanted my work to look like:

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