Wednesday, 2 February 2011

2011: New Year, New Experiment!

I really want to start making my own 3D characters in the form of sculpture, puppets and dolls!

The other week I decided to try experimenting with salt dough. It's piss easy to make and dirty cheap! Here's a random illustration I created using a little salt dough person I made :D

This was my first attempt. I'm learning how to light and photograph this sort of thing; I wanted lots of nice shadows to fall upon his face.

The editing to start with was pretty crappy! I did this in about half an hour because it was just as spur of the moment test..

The background is digital collage and the model is obviously photographed but I think these two techniques side by side work really well here.

This is my second attempt which looks a bit more proper! I especially love the lighting falling across the figures face; I also used the burn and dodge tool on Photoshop to ever so slightly emphasise light and dark areas around the eye and cheek. I think I'm in love with the expression on his face!

The text is a line from a song called White Lips Kissed by Mew, which was running through my mind whilst making this image. I used a cool filter as I felt this represented the idea of "nightmare" better than the previous attempt.

From doing this small experiment I now have a clearer vision of how I want my work to look :)


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