Wednesday, 2 February 2011

2010 Work: D&AD Competition Brief for Diesel

These are the final illustrations for part one of my storybook inspired by “Pretty Lisa” by The Tiger Lillies. These were designed as part of my university project; a competition brief set by D&AD, to illustrate to a piece of music. 

This song absolutely screamed at me and I was instantly inspired! For research, I looked at old circus costumes, posters, makeup, freak show acts, fair organs, toys and any sort of circus memorabilia I could find. Other inspiration came from movies such as Coraline and Monster House, and artists Edward Gorey and the great Tim Burton.

Each illustration is a digital collage that I created on Photoshop using readymade dolls that I modified and painted, various found textures and photographs. All of the text was handwritten by myself, then scanned into the computer and edited.

I wanted the colour scheme to be very antique and sepia looking at the beginning of the story. I wanted it to have that vintage circus/carnival feel to it.. The colour scheme changes towards the end, as the darker side of the story prevails.

There will be a “part two” to this story, this time inspired by the lyrics of “My Funny Valentine”, covered again, by The Tiger Lillies.

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