Wednesday, 2 February 2011

2010 Work: D&AD Competition Brief for Diesel

These are the final illustrations for part two of my storybook inspired by “My Funny Valentine” as covered by The Tiger Lillies. These were designed as part of my university project; a competition brief set by D&AD, to illustrate to a piece of music. 

Possibly the part I'm most proud of here is how the colour schemes merge into each other. Part one starts with dull yellows and sepia effects, through to cool blues which continues into part two and slowly transforming into some very romantic purples and pinks. I was worried that, as I had a massive break between creating part 1 and part 2, they wouldn't fit together. I think they work pretty well though! 

Future aims - to try making my own dolls/puppets to add quality to the image.

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