Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Charon: Finished Puppets

Here are my finished puppets for my current project. These are my first full body puppets that I have completely designed and created myself, so I am quite proud of them!

This is the Banker. I think this one is perhaps the better one, because there is a lot of character in his expression and I think his features will look really good when the model is lit up and photographed from different angles.

The long wrinkles running from the nose to the sides of the mouth elongate his expression so that when the puppet is photographed from his "feet", looking up at his face it will hopefully help give the photograph a drastic sense of angle.

This will add a lot of atmosphere not only to the illustration as a whole, but to the character itself.

I quite like how the puppet photographs from a three quarter
angle. The features of the face are not very predominant - they don't stick out very far from the face - so a profile photograph of it looks very flat and makes it look nothing like a figure, but a three quarter view seems to work ok should I need to use this angle in my final images.

The other puppet, which is to be used multiple times in the illustration to represent the souls of the dead, doesn't look as good in these photographs although I think they will both look entirely different when lit up and photographed in different ways.

This puppet also turned out quite large and fat for some reason - hopefully I'll be able to alter this using photoshop to make it slightly smaller than the Banker, as he is meant to be the dominant figure in the narrative and the illustration.

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