Sunday, 3 April 2011

Charon: Composition Development

Ok, since last post on this project I've done a bit of development work...

These photographs aren't very good but here is the development of the composition of the illustration. I created quite an abstracted background - or base - for the main image, using traditional collage. I then scanned this into Photoshop and started trying to alter the colours slightly. I also added light filters to try and get nearer to the effect I'm looking for. 

The black outline on these images are rough drawings done on acetate. This allowed me to create different compositions and lay them over the main base of the image.

So this is the first composition. The image features Charon taking a banker across the river Thames and loads of other "important" people waiting to cross...
After taking a step back and looking at the composition, I decided it wasn't quite working and a bit too crowded in certain areas.

AND-THEN-EUREKA! :O I have decided to remove Charon as this traditional character - and actually REPLACE him with the can you guess what my modern twist on this old greek myth is...? Inheritance tax and shit! Bastards! *shakes fist*


Here is a more "final rough" composition.

There is a slightly dark humour about this piece that seems to be developing throughout this project... The original myth tells how the souls that were left unburied or couldn't pay Charon  had to wander the bank of the river Styx for 100 years. I ended up turning the idea of the river bank into an actual you can see over on the far side of the river.

I also played with the London tube logo, changing it from "Underground" to "Underworld" as shown on a previous post. Quite hard to see, but I've also drawn the London Eye and renamed it "Evil Eye" - not sure whether to keep that last one?

I think this is really coming together now. I'm loving the snobby expression of the banker - I'm thinking I could create a panelled illustration and have a close up of him - camera angle pointing up at his face with heavy shadows to capture the evilness of his character...

 We'll see!

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