Friday, 4 November 2011

A Fish..

Next step in the development of my illustration about the BP oil spill..

Today I've just been experimenting with media. I sculpted this incredibly basic fish out of Das clay..The final will of course be much more detailed, this is just a practice piece :)

Using my dummy fish, I photographed and have experimented with photoshopping the texture of the scales and the tail on..

This is a rough experiment, and I think doesn't look great because of the quality of my original sculpture...I like the idea of photoshopping the tail on as it makes it look a bit more realistic..I also love the texture of the tail..

I tried painting the sculpture and I imagine this would also look better with a much larger model as I'd be able to paint more detail onto it..

The main part of this is of course, the oil..

I placed the sculpture onto a piece of cling film, then mixed PVA glue and black paint so I could pour it over the fish and achieve a really gloopy looking texture.. 

When this dries, hopefully I will be able to peel it off the cling film and the blob of "oil" will keep its shape..


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