Tuesday, 19 July 2011

More Experimentation

Above is a fairly quick experiment with my new puppet. I wanted to really show emotion in this piece and I'm really pleased with how the layers have worked together to create quite an abstract and perhaps unsettling emotion in the image. However, the puppet sort of goes to waste a bit as you can't fully see him..perhaps I'll continue experimenting with another composition or full body photograph.

When creating this image, I had a lot of inspiration from my grandad's work which I recently looked through..unfortunately he isn't here to ask what the majority of it is about! But I really like the abstract element in his work and a lot of his stuff was inspired by constructivism.
I tried to bring this element into this piece, by using lots of digital collage and building the composition up with shapes.

When taking a second look at the piece, I decided to make the colour scheme more vibrant. It is based on the Man in the Moon, so I changed the black and white background to a deep blue like the night's sky. I made the red part - which is actually a heart shape - more vibrant. I wanted to show the man's longing to visit the world below, and loneliness.

I'm really happy with all the textures coming through in this image and the distorted/abstracted content. I think there is just enough information (the face, heart etc.) to be able to look at it and be able to guess what it might be about. In other words, it isn't so abstracted that it means nothing - which is a bonus!

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