Thursday, 14 July 2011

Clown Puppet!

Currently working on a clown puppet! Above is the head (obviously) which looks a bit weird at the moment, but hopefully will look better when it's all painted. Going for a sort of Pierrot look for this figure..I love the whole look of Pierrot and mime clowns :) 

My main inspiration for this puppet has come from a story called "The Man In The Moon" by Frank L. Baum (read it here). I imagined the main character to look like one of these clowns..I want to produce an illustration with quite a lonely, melancholy feel to it. I want to communicate the emotion of loneliness in the character through the puppet's body language and expression.

The body is made of a sturdy wire armature which will enable me to bend the puppet into various positions...and covered in a fabric suit which I handmade and padded out a bit to give his torso a bit of shape :) I wanted him to look like he was in a sleep suit! But I dunno if it looks like that..

Updates will follow :)

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