Thursday, 30 June 2011

Meet Me In The Hollow

Ok, so here was the initial sketch I did for the current illustration. (Yeah my sketches are pretty gosh darn awful but at least I know what I'm doing!) I did this right after I'd finished making the puppet's head; instead of starting with a storyline/subject I started with the puppet and worked backwards to give her a story. Seeing as I'm just experimenting with the making, it is easier to work from the puppet as I'm never certain how they will turn out and what sort of look they will have. When I'd finished the head, this one had a sort of elf-ish woodland feel to it. 

I've started experimenting with this now, and it's taken me a while to get the lighting and stuff - it's probably not as good as it could be because I'm not perfect!! Also I got a little angry with it towards the end so I'm leaving it like this for now!

"Meet Me In The Hollow"

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